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Joining one of our chapters allows business owners and professionals to immerse themselves in a conducive environment where they can actively seek, find, and explore unparalleled doors of opportunity. Through these chapters, members not only gain access to high-quality referrals and shared knowledge but also build relationships with like-minded individuals, fostering collaboration, community engagement, and continuous learning. Such networks serve as pivotal platforms for both personal and professional growth, echoing the essence of discovering and harnessing the myriad possibilities that a connected community offers.

Why Generosity

We didn’t create referral marketing, It was my husband’s vision of a better managed network. One with membership driven accountability. Though each chapter features one seat per profession, we use technology and events connecting the entire membership. Our members have written our policies, driven our team marketing and seen an average of 20% growth in their businesses.

How GN Works

Since giving back is our focus, we know that thriving businesses are connected to the community. Each chapter has a complimentary non-profit seat. This allows our membership to directly support, volunteer and promote services to our community.

The Power of Our Network

Attendance, Communication, World Class Service! Weekly meetings of our membership run chapters are the key. We constantly stay connected through our App, private Facebook page and linkedin, so our network is on the go with each member. We provide every member an opportunity to achieve a lifetime membership.

What is Referral Marketing?

Perhaps the oldest and most trusted form of marketing. It’s the opportunity to bring awareness towards your product/service, capitalize on new marketing, and increase your revenue. When giving referrals is the focus of a network, it delivers an abundant outlet of connections for members.

Referred customers are likely to be interacting with people similar to themselves thus continuing the referral chain.

Why Referral Marketing

It’s truly not about the referral, but building effective and profitable relationships. Which makes referral marketing a process and a commitment. Though connections may seem random, referral marketing works well because it quickly moves through the unpredictable, hidden, complex connections that exist in everyday life and business.

Big Companies are still mostly in the dark ages and instill the cold calling a list of names in hopes of selling one in 100. Small businesses lead the way in referral marketing by laying the groundwork of building professional relationships.

Meet and Greet

We're At

East Memphis Referral Masterminds meets at


775 Ridge Lake Blvd. on Wednesday at 11:30 AM

MIDTOWN Referral Express meets at


948 Cooper St.
Tuesday at 11:30 AM.


Arlington Referral Exchange meets at

Perico’s Mexican Restaurant

11125 US Hwy 70 Arlington TN 38002 on Tuesday 11:30 AM

MEMPHIS Referral Rockers meets at


3337 Summer Ave. on Wednesday at 11:30 AM.

BARTLETT Referral Execs meets at

El Molino

6496 Summer Ave
on Thursday at 11:30 AM.

DESOTO Referral Discoverers meets at

Desoto County Dream Center

6935 Windchase Dr., Horn Lake on Wednesday  at 9:30 AM.

MILLINGTON Referral Dominators meets at

Jay’s Coffee & Cuisine

4750 Navy Rd., Millington on Tuesday at 8:00 AM.

COLLIERVILLE Referral Connection meets at

Patriot Bank (Bring Your Own Lunch)

279 Market Blvd., Collierville, TN 38017 on Thursday at 12:00 PM

Germantown Referral Thoroughbreds meets at

Germantown Baptist Church Cafe

9450 Poplar Ave, Germantown, TN on Thursday 7:30 AM

GERMANTOWN Referral Allstars meets at

Mellow Mushroom

9155 Poplar Ave, Suite 26, Germantown, TN on Thursday at 11:30 AM